budder Difference

Joy Organics began with a life-changing experience in the spring of 2018. Joy Smith, the company’s co-founder and namesake, tried CBD and slept well for the first time in years. The industry was new and many products were not exactly trustworthy. She, along with a few family members, set out to craft CBD products that actually worked—with uncompromising quality standards.

Soon, Joy Organics became a consumer advocate and industry leader with high-end and luxurious formulas. They source organic whenever possible, and have worked hard to create and refine formulas to meet their customers’ needs. Their primary audience was mature and, for the most part, not interested in consuming a potentially intoxicating amount of THC. In fact, many customers choose Joy Organics because they trust the 0.0% THC content of Joy’s broad spectrum products.

When Joy Organics’ product development team first considered THC-enhanced formulas, a challenge presented itself. How can they continue to speak to and serve their existing customer base while also bringing these highly-sought products to the market?

That’s when budder was born. Think of it as Joy’s fun THC-friendly cousin, with the same values and commitment to quality and excellence. The team at Joy crafted the budder brand to better serve their existing and future customers with a wider array of options—for the sake of both clarity and connection to each community.

Like Joy, budder’s products are crafted with enhanced benefits and efficacy in mind and undergo rigorous third-party testing. All hemp used in budder’s formulas is US-grown on farms that utilize sustainable growing practices. Additionally, budder uses organic ingredients whenever possible and avoids artificial dyes and unnecessary additives. 

Because the Delta-9 THC in budder’s products is hemp derived and comprises less than 0.3% of the total product’s dry weight, they are compliant with the Farm Bill and can be shipped to 48 states (all except Idaho and Oregon).

Interested in getting lightly toasted with budder’s CBD + THC gummies? Try them today for mental and physical benefits you can really feel.