Commitment to Quality

Our parent company, Joy Organics, was founded in 2018 to provide trustworthy products and education in a rapidly-growing, yet highly unregulated industry.
In 2022, budder followed suit but with a special focus on higher-THC formulas for a boost of mind and body effects. We aim to create products that enhance our customers’ quality of life with uncompromising standards for every step of our process and each ingredient we put into our formulas.

Starting with the Seeds

We collaborate with US-based farmers who strive to cultivate plants that promote healthier soil and healthier bodies by utilizing sustainable farming practices and growing proprietary strains of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp.


Creating a THC-enhanced full spectrum product requires special extraction techniques that not only keep the Delta-9 THC and CBD intact, but also preserve an array of beneficial compounds that enhance our products’ benefits for the mind and body. These phytonutrients include CBN, CBC, CBG, and more!

Premium Ingredients

When we formulate our products, we seek to create something our customers will thoroughly enjoy, but without the unhealthy nonsense that so many gummy supplements contain. We do this by sourcing high-quality ingredients, keeping everything vegan and gluten-free, and using absolutely no artificial flavors or corn syrup.