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Island-Hopping Adventure

Island-Hopping Adventure

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is budder?

budder is a new THC-friendly sub-brand of Joy Organics, the #1 organic CBD brand. Like its parent company, budder has an unwavering commitment to quality, efficacy, and rigorous third-party testing.

How much THC is in each serving of budder’s gummies?

Well, that depends on which option you pick! Our Full Spectrum Beach Chill Gummies each contain 2.5mg of Delta-9 THC, while both our Full Spectrum Beach Buzz and Cherry Lime Gummies each contain 5mg of Delta-9 THC.

Regardless of your choice to Chill or get your Buzz on, you can be sure that you'll get 25mg of sustainably sourced, hemp-derived CBD that's USA-grown, lab-tested, and gently extracted.

Do budder’s products contain Delta-8 or Delta-9 THC? What’s the difference?

We’ve made a conscious decision to formulate budder’s gummies with Delta-9 THC instead of Delta-8 THC. Why?

Both Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC occur naturally in the cannabis plant. But there’s a catch: only Delta-9 THC occurs in high enough quantities to be meaningfully extracted from hemp, which, as defined by the 2018 Farm Bill, contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight.

Basically, we would have had to synthetically convert other cannabinoids (a process involving a cocktail of questionable compounds like toluene—yuck) to get enough Delta-8 for budder’s gummies.

And that’s why we opted for Delta-9 THC. It’s a whole lot safer.

Are budder’s products legal?

We extract our CBD and Delta-9 THC from hemp (which contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight), which makes budder's gummies federally legal per the 2018 Farm Bill.

However, it's worth noting that state and local laws may vary.

Are these gummies marijuana edibles?

Nope. budder’s gummies are made from CBD and Delta-9 THC sourced from hemp, not marijuana.

What is the difference between hemp gummies with THC and marijuana gummies?

Great question! To understand that, you'll first need to know the difference between hemp and marijuana. Both hemp and marijuana belong to the same plant species, Cannabis Sativa.

What makes them different is their intoxicating component: tetrahydrocannabinol (aka THC). Legally speaking, hemp refers to cannabis with no more than 0.3% THC by dry weight. Anything more, and it’s classified as marijuana.

So, hemp gummies are derived from the hemp plant (containing no more than 0.3% THC by dry weight), while marijuana gummies are derived from marijuana (containing more than 0.3% THC by dry weight).

Are budder’s CBD + THC Gummies better than THC gummies found in a dispensary?

Yes, for three reasons.

First, unlike THC gummies found in dispensaries, budder’s CBD + THC Gummies are packed with a ton of naturally occurring CBD and other minor cannabinoids.

Second, they’re truly full spectrum. That means our gummies’ CBD and THC contents create what is known as the entourage effect—a synergistic relationship and response pattern allowing you to experience more Chill or Buzz than if you’d taken either CBD or THC alone.

And finally, budder's gummies are made from hemp instead of marijuana—meaning, you can simply buy them online. Bye-bye, in-person dispensary visits.

How many gummies should I take?

We know budder's gummies are deliciously irresistible, so keep this in mind: take the gummies only as directed on their product labels. One gummy is all you need for some serious Chill or Buzz in most cases.

Wait at least two hours—when the full effects kick in—before consuming an additional gummy to achieve your desired result.

Where can I buy budder’s CBD + THC Gummies?

Right here on budder’s website.

What are the benefits of CBD + THC gummies?

budder’s CBD + THC Gummies harness the synergistic powers of CBD and THC—promoting feelings of relaxation and calmness, along with a sense of wellness. Get ready. You’re about to feel the best you’ve ever felt.

Will budder’s products cause me to fail a drug test?

It’s likely. Because budder's gummies contain THC (the same compound allowing you to get your Chill and Buzz on!), consumption may result in a failed drug test. Our advice? Steer clear if you have an upcoming marijuana-focused or -included drug test—or are concerned about random drug testing.

What time of the day should I take budder’s CBD + THC Gummies?

If it's your first time taking budder's CBD + THC Gummies, we suggest you enjoy them at night to observe how the gummies affect you safely. Once you've figured out your tolerance, you're free to take the gummies any time you see fit.

Take them during the day if you're looking to manage everyday stress and anxiety, or take them at night to fall—and stay—asleep; it's entirely up to you!